Five people – four student film-makers and their teacher – try to track down their forebears, themselves a mix of active participants and passive witnesses to the tragic conflicts of the 20th century. Their goal is to make a film commemorating the men and women who fought so that the Europe we know today could come into being and a long-lasting peace be established. Follow the progress of these young people and their ancestors through lands steeped in history, and eye witness accounts.

Where France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg meet, explore once-devastated places, battlefield heritage sites and memorials in stunning countryside around Liège, Verdun, the Saarland, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and until the unique Ardennes’s forests. These places continue to bear witness to our shared history and the sacrifices of those who went before us.

This is where the story begins.

Chapter 1


Professor of cinema

Chapter 2



Chapter 3



Chapter 4


Sound Engineer

Chapter 5



Our team’s travels through the Land of Memory territories continue.

Fascinated by this subject, delighted and surprised in equal measure at what they’ve found out and the people they’ve encountered, they continue to recount their adventures in France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.

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