Chapter 4

Nicolas Feuillen

Sound Engineer

In September 1939, Hitler invaded Poland.
This marks the beginning of the Second World War and the ‘Phoney War’ in the west.
In May 1940, it’s the turn of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France to be invaded by the army of the Third Reich.

June 6th 1944, the Allies landed in Normandy, liberating France, followed by Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in September. They push Nazi forces back to the borders of Germany.
It’s thought the country is on the brink of collapse.
However, the freedom that has been gradually regained cannot be taken for granted. Flying bombs fall on Liège and Antwerp as late as November.

December 16th 1944, Hitler surprises the allied forces and goes for broke with a major offensive through the Ardennes region, which had only been liberated a few weeks before.
Hitler aimed to divide the Allied armies and take the bridges over the river Meuse before advancing on the port of Antwerp with its fuel reserves.
In the north, German troops advanced towards Baugnez, Stavelot, La Gleize, Stoumont..
In the centre, Hitler’s tanks reached St-Vith and Houffalize, sped on torwards Clervaux, then Wiltz.
By December 22nd, Bastogne had been completely surrounded!

NUTS! US General McAuliffe refused to surrender and his soldiers pushed back daily German attacks on the town until General Patton’s reinforcements arrived. Hitler’s last big push was finally halted just outside Dinant.
The Ardennes region is liberated for the second time.

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