Association Touristique du Luxembourg Belge (ATLB)

The ATLB is tasked with promoting and developing tourism in all its guises in the Belgian Province of Luxembourg. This body helps preserve the region’s natural and historical heritage, as well as buildings of specific historical significance and commemorative sites.

Fédération du Tourisme de la Province de Liège (FTPL)

The FTPL markets the area’s tourist attractions to individual visitors, to groups (excursions and holidays in the Ardennes) and to the business tourism segment. It brings together and supports stakeholders in the local touristic economy (helping with training and up-skilling), as well as being active in the development of quality tourism infrastructure (inland waterways tourism and long-distance cycle path networks).

Office Régional du Tourisme des Ardennes Luxembourgeoises (ORTAL)

The ORTAL was set up in 2007 and is located in Vianden in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. This organization’s role is to coordinate the efforts of regional players, to preserve and promote the local area’s natural, cultural and historical heritage and to boost tourism in the region.

Meuse Attractivité

The vision of Meuse Attractivité is to showcase the département of the Meuse and raise its public profile. It draws up and implements the département’s tourism strategy and helps develop, promote and market tourism products and services in partnership with industry professionals. It’s an incredibly valuable source of support, practical help and advice for actors in the field of tourism and public and private-sector project leads.

Office de Tourisme du Grand Verdun (OTGV)

Tourisme Grand Verdun is your first stop for preparing your stay in the Verdun area. It’s there to offer you advice and suggestions, enabling you to discover the full range of what’s on offer in the local area and make the most of your time here! It promotes the Grand Verdun area as an exciting destination, bringing out the best in the local region through special events and tourist products and services.

IDELUX Projets publics

IDELUX is the Belgian Province of Luxembourg’s economic development agency. As tourism is one of the Province’s key sectors, IDELUX Projets publics helps local municipalities plan, create and implement operational vehicles and strategies for tourist amenities and attractions in Belgian Luxembourg. IDELUX Projets publics has partnered with the municipality of Bastogne in the ‘Land of Memory’ project with a view to showcasing and promoting the heritage and history associated with the Battle of the Bulge.


The Saarland Ministry of Education and Culture

The Saarland Ministry of Education and Culture has many cultural partners throughout the Greater Region. These cooperations include both an intensive exchange at institutional level and the development, planning and implementation of various cross-border projects. The culture of remembrance is an important task of the partnerships within the Greater Region.