Europe as we know it today is the product of a complex heritage, full of often dramatic events which have hit our cross-border regions hard, especially during the 20th century.

The impact of these events spilled far beyond the borders of the ‘Greater Region’ (Luxembourg, parts of Belgium, Germany and France). However, this geographical area does contain an extremely large number of places linked to the conflicts of the 20th century. These are physical reminders of our shared history and have left indelible traces upon our region, both physically and psychologically. They remain very much a part of the collective memory today.

Set against this backdrop, ‘Land of Memory”s aim is to bring together all parties in the Greater Region, uniting them around a three-pronged objective – to remember these dramatic historical events, which have led to the creation of today’s Europe; to ensure the message of unity that emerged from the horror of the two World Wars continues to live on; and to reinforce the tourist activity generated by this theme.

To achieve this shared goal, ‘Land of Memory’ will strive to strengthen co-operation between the various relevant Greater Region stakeholders, to raise the public profile of the different places of historical significance scattered throughout the Greater Region and to generally improve the tourist experience for visitors interested in this theme, thus turning the region into a world-leader in terms of military heritage and battlefield tourism.